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Informed Designs Hanging Cheek Mullen Round Curve

by Informed Designs Bits

Informed Designs Hanging Cheek Mullen Round Curve

Hanging Cheek Mullen Snaffle:


The Hanging Cheek means that as you fasten the cheek of your Bridle into the top staple of the cheek, some of the weight of the bit is taken off the Horses tongue and onto the Bridle and because of the small side cheek the bit is stabilised in the Horses mouth, when rein pressure is applied and then released the bit returns to the same place in the Horses mouth because of the cheek attachment. The rein attaches to the larger ring and as it is used you get a downward mouth pressure but no poll action, it is a fallacy that hanging cheek creates poll action as the rein rolls to the top of the ring before the bit is activated.


The Mullen Mouthpiece actively encourages a horse to move towards and push his tongue forward to the contact .As the reins are used together the whole mouthpiece is pulled down onto the tongue evenly pressing the tongue down into the lower jaw. This mouth will be too exacting on this cheek if the Horse has a tendency to put the tongue over the bit.


Very useful for Horses or Ponies that are uncomfortable with

        any sort of joint or joints

        any pinch or collapse to the mouthpiece

        or are very busy in the mouth

        or do not draw the contact forward 

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