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Horse Bits from The Horse Bit Bank

The Horse Bit Bank is the largest online retailer of Horse Bits and offers a Bit Bank Facility with an excellent reputation for customer service and Bitting Advice.

We deal with direct sales of Horse Bits and also offer a 30 day trial facility. All makes are stocked including the full range from Neue Schule, Sprenger, Myler, Abbey, Reinsman, Happy Mouth, Flexi, Nathe, KY Rotary, Centre Revolver, Mikmar, Horse and More range, and we also exclusively stock Hilary Vernon's Informed Design Range.

The Horse Bit Bank is owned and run by a trained bitting expert and experienced rider and horse owner. With an excellent repuation you can be assured our top priority is making your horse as comfortable as possible, and we're here to help with all your bitting problems.

We offer a Bit Bank service that lets you try out our bits on your horse. Bits can be sold with or without the 30 Day Trial Period - please indicate at checkout if you would like to receive a new bit without the 30-day trial facility.

Hire charges are for individual Bits. There is no hire charge on Bits that are not returned to the Bit Bank.

Our bits and bitting information section offers advice and tips when bitting horses, or contact our Free Advice Line on 01609 777 145.

What's New?

Want to talk about bits? We just opened our new bitting forum where you can chat about bits, share advice, and pick up tips from other members. We hope new members will join us in making use of the forum!

Trust Bits: Watch this space as we add Trust Bits over the coming weeks.

Featured Horse Bits

Promoting performance through comfort - ergonomic designs in warm, sweet, Neue Schule Salox Gold - the secret's in the Salox! We have a vast range of FEI dressage legal snaffles, weymouths and bradoons designed for comfort and communication.

Looking for cheap horse bits? Many of our popular horse bits and bit accessories are now reduced in price. View Sale and Reduced Bits.