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hcmb32 - Hanging Cheek Mullen Barrel

by Myler Bits

hcmb32 - Hanging Cheek Mullen Barrel

MB32 Mullen Barrel

Curved Mullen mouthpiece with centre barrel for ISM.

Applies pressure across tongue but curves to meet lips and bars at sympathetic angle.

Myler Level Two - good for horses preferring direct action mouthpiece.

Dressage Legal with permissible cheeks.

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" Excellent service, thoroughly recommended!

I found the bit bank website via search engine and found it easy to use with lots of excellent information. I was looking for a bit that is dressage legal that would have the same feel as the bit I was riding my horse in at the time - a Parelli Cradle bit (based on a Myler combination). I then e-mailed Jodie to ask her advice. Initially she thought that the Myler 02 hanging cheek comfort snaffle would be the most similar to my current bit so I took one on trial - it arrived a day later!  
However I found that this bit had too much 'wrap' movement, resulting in my horse treating it like a snaffle - something to lean on! I consulted Jodie again and she recommended that I try the Myler 32 hanging cheek mullen mouth instead. Success!! My horse is going beautifully in it - it seems to give him the stability he needs, yet not allowing him to lean on me - he feels so light and 'up' in front. After 3 weeks (and a few hissy fits at having to carry himself), he is going better in this than the Parelli Cradle! And I can enter dressage competitions with him. 

Many thanks to Jodie for her excellent service, comprising sound advice, an easy to use, informative website, very speedy delivery and a great idea - allowing customers to try different bits out at very reasonable prices.


Review by: Helen on 23rd February 2012